A new way to donate

There’s a new way for you to help SWAT raise funds when doing online shopping, at no extra cost to yourself. It’s the retailers who give us the money, but YOU have to choose for it to come to US. Simple! Visit easyfundraising.org.uk to find out more.

Local Photographer’s SWAT Project

Over several months, Cara Smillie, a Stewarton-based photographer and videographer, has observed the activities of SWAT volunteers in and around the Lainshaw Woods. Cara’s images of the group and local woodland landscapes have been compiled into a book. You can see some of Cara’s work on Facebook and on Instagram.

Giant Hogweed Control

SWAT has started this year’s programme of glyphosate (herbicide) spraying to control the spread of giant hogweed in and around Stewarton, especially the banks of the Clerkland Burn and from where the Burn joins the Annick Water.  Walkers may have noticed SWAT spraying notices and sprayers working in the Lainshaw Woods. Giant Hogweed is an extremely … Read more

Map of Nature Trail

The Spring 2020 edition of The Review contains, as its centrefold, a map of the nature trail through the Lainshaw Woods in Stewarton.

SWAT Volunteer Gains Pesticide Qualifications

Richard, one of our SWAT volunteers, has successfully passed formal examinations for management of non-native invasive plant species (NNIS) including: Hand-held pesticide injections Nozzles/atomizers to apply to land Nozzles/atomizers to or near water Pesticide plugs in tree stumps

Planting of Rowan Trees

SWAT was going to plant some trees with Nether Robertland school pupils, in the school grounds, so we ordered the trees. The trees arrived, but so did COVID-19, and it became impossible for us to do what we had hoped. Instead, these tiny trees are being planted by SWAT in various places, and we will publicise … Read more

Safer Crossroads in Stewarton

One of the SWAT volunteers has started a petition with the aim of encouraging Ayrshire Roads Alliance and Police Scotland to improve pedestrian safety at Stewarton Cross., The Cross is a short distance from the David Dale Avenue entrance to the Lainshaw Woods. You can find out more by visiting https://www.change.org/p/ayrshire-roads-alliance-safer-crossroads-in-stewarton-kilmarnock-scotland