Chair Report – November 2019

Our main projects completed in 2018 were the upgrade of the Fisherman’s Steps, the installation of a new bench at the Viewpoint, close to the entrance to the woodlands, and the acquisition of another shipping container for storage purposes.

This year we have focused on getting our Nature Trail up and running.  This has been funded by the Co-op and we are very grateful for its support for this and other activities.  Some new signage and information boards are already in place with more to be installed or updated in the coming weeks.

In addition to the regular maintenance of woodlands and paths, we have planted flowering bulbs at the Kilwinning Road end of the woodlands and look forward to these blooming next year.

Thanks to all the businesses that have taken advertising space in the SWAT 2020 Calendar and to Beaver Printing.

Thanks also to the people of Stewarton who have continued to support us throughout the year, most recently at Stewarton’s Yuletide Community Event on 21 November. 

Susan Williamson