Unless indicated otherwise, all gallery images were taken by Cara Smillie, a local, Stewarton-based photographer, and are used with permission.

Entrance to Lainshaw Woods in David Dale Avenue
Entrance to Lainshaw Woods in David Dale Avenue, Stewarton. Photo by Cara Smillie.
Annick Water looking east with the Stewarton Viaduct in the background. Photo by Cara Smillie.
SWAT logo at the main David Dale Avenue entrance to Lainshaw Woods. Photo by Cara Smillie.
The Stewarton Viaduct. Photo by Cara Smillie.
One of the memorial benches in Lainshaw Woods, Photo by Cara Smillie.
Mushrooms in Lainshaw Woods
Mushrooms in Lainshaw Woods. September 2020. Photo by B A Murray.
Snowdrops in the Cutstraw rural area to the east of Stewarton. February 2021. Photo by R H Murray
SWAT Volunteer tackles Giant Hogweed in an advanced state of growth.