Giant Hogweed Control

SWAT has started this year’s programme of glyphosate (herbicide) spraying to control the spread of giant hogweed in and around Stewarton, especially the banks of the Clerkland Burn and from where the Burn joins the Annick Water.  Walkers may have noticed SWAT spraying notices and sprayers working in the Lainshaw Woods.

Giant Hogweed is an extremely toxic plant whose sap can cause skin burns and blisters.  Effects can be very long-lasting.  Blindness can also result if the sap gets into eyes.

The SWAT programme of spot-spraying is intended to kill off the plants before they reach the flowering stage.  After flowering each plant may release between 50,000 to 80,000 seeds.  This is one of the reasons why the plant can spread so quickly.

If left uncontrolled, plants can grow up to 4 metres tall.

Leaves of the Giant Hogweed