Stewarton Woodlands Action Trust

Latest News – September 2020

Improving Accessibility of ‘The Viewpoint’ – Lainshaw Woods

Work laying a paved path has been completed to make ‘The Viewpoint’ within Lainshaw Woods more accessible to wheelchair users and other visitors with mobility issues.

Fund-raising Initiative

Two local mums have raised money to support SWAT and install a ‘story-telling seat’ in Lainshaw Woods. Find out more by visiting their JustGiving page.  They ran over 102 miles between them and have, at 10 September 2020, exceeded 100% of their £1,000 fund-raising target.

SWAT’s Background and Aims

SWAT is a voluntary environmental group made up of people from all over Stewarton. It began in March 2004, after some initial work by East Ayrshire Woodlands and Lainshaw Residents Association identified the need and the opportunity.

Although the name includes ‘Woodlands’, the group has an interest in preserving and maintaining all the natural sites throughout Stewarton, including rivers and riverbanks, meadows and open ground, and all the flora and fauna that are part of them.

The group’s aims are to improve and regenerate the natural environment of Stewarton. This will have the effect of making the town a more attractive place to live or to visit, and also improve opportunities for people to make use of and enjoy the countryside for leisure and exercise. The improvement of natural habitats to encourage native wildlife and bio-diversity, and the availability of the habitats as an educational resource, will be important for present and future generations.


  • Maintaining paths and steps
  • Removing trees and branches that, as a result of rot or weather damage, could pose a hazard to walkers
  • Planting of appropriate trees, flowering plants and other vegetation
  • Litter-picking
  • Helping to manage non-native, invasive plant species (NNIS) and prevent their spread
  • Promoting awareness of the local woods and natural environment
  • Maintaining drainage channels and ditches
  • Installing and updating signage
  • Installing bird boxes

If you are local to the area and want to get involved, or learn more about our activities, please contact us.